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Beachport is a small town in the beautiful Southern coast of South Australia and is located approximately 380km south-east of Adelaide, in the Limestone Coast region.

Beachport offers the perfect setting with its azure beaches, beautiful white sands, lush forest, surrounding sand-hills and native bush land. Beachport is a paradise for visitors.

Besides offering a wide variety of activities like surfing, 4W driving, motorbike riding, fishing, hiking etc. Beachport also has lots of places to relax with a variety of accommodation to suit the most seasoned travellers.

Beachport Coastal Stays offers great accommodation to help you make the most of your stay whilst you take in everything the region has to offer.

Beachport Light House

Local Attractions & Events

There is always something to see and do and plenty happening in Beachport. Here at Beachport Coastal Stays we provide you with the latest information to help you get the most out of your stay. See our list of the attractions and events that are well worth a look.

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