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Beachport Coastal Stays

Coastal Stays offers local property owners professional full service in holiday property management, or to have the option admin management only for listing your holiday accommodation on our sophisticated website.

We charge no annual listing fees.

Our full service property management package incorporates taking care of your investment including customer liaison, financial management & property maintenance. Our sophisticated booking & accounts system means your accounts are always transparent and you are in control. If You want to use your property it is up to you. We can create a package tailored your needs and requirements.

Our admin management package includes advertising, promotional management, consultancy and design to help you achieve the best results from your property. You take care of the hands on running of your property and we can take care of the rest.

Our booking manager system is advanced software that channels property listings from other online Agencies such as Airbnb and Booking.com. The benefits of these connections are, we can be found easier by a multitude of travellers around the world. No additional booking fees will be charged to customers.
We also offer local event providers the opportunity to promote their services via our website.

We provide professional, friendly, efficient, supportive & flexible service.

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Beachport Coastal Stays